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Church Announcements

Sunday Morning Worship Service 10:09 AM

Live Stream via Facebook, & Conference Line

Tuesday Night Bible Study (Conference Line)


No Access Code 274775

Weekly @ 6PM

Knights Morning Prayer Line Wednesdays, @ 6:30AM - 7AM

Dial 515.604.9832

Access Code 274775

You Are Asked To Join In 


Wednesday Morning Bible Study (Conference Line) 

Dial 559.671.2239

No access code needed

Wednesdays @ 10:00 AM

Birthday/Wedding Anniversary Month

Beginning Next Month

Please email your photo to the church's email address to be

recognize for your birth/anniversary month

Helping In His Name Ministries

Please donate the following items: tissue, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant and soap.

See Sis. Louisa Davis for additional information

Knights T-Shirts

Anyone interested in purchasing a church T-Shirt please see Sister Louisa Davis

Provide your name and shirt size

Children: Small to XL $8.00

Adult: Large to 2X $ 10.00

Knights Monumental Quarterly Conference 


February 3, 2022

April 26, 2022

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